Board of Directors

Managing Director of ET Cape Town

Mark Hewitson UIDIP (Int.), Pr. Tech (Eng) ASAIMENA is an internationally registered Engineer with "The international union of Professional Engineers -Pr.Eng (lnt)" and locally registered with the "Engineering Council of South Africa". He is also an Associate of the South African Institute for Marine Engineers and Naval Architects. Mark originally trained in the UK as a Structural Engineer and over the last 20 years has specialised in land and offshore mining. He was chief designer at De Beers Marine for several years, before joining Euro-Technology in 1998.

Director & Structural Engineer of ET Cape Town and Perth

Neil Wilsnach Pr. Tech (Eng) is a qualified Engineer (B.Eng) and has been with Euro-Technology for 6 years as a Structural Engineer. He became a Director in 2006. Neil has been involved in the design and project management of many large mining projects. His scope of experience allows us to offer a well-rounded suite of mining design and project management services.

Managing Director of ET Vancouver

Chris Thompson Pr.Eng, MBA is a qualified Geotechnical Engineer/Analyst. He generates feasibility studies for international mining concerns with a view to listing on their local stock market. He has vast experience in commercial mining and is recognised as a leader in his field.

Director of ET Vancouver

Hans Schermacher is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer, trained in the Netherlands. Since coming to South Africa in 1976 he has been working in the mining and a number of related industries. He now consults on specialised design projects that require multiple engineering talents. He commutes between two offices (Cape Town & Vancouver) as and when required.

Director of ET Namibia

Mark Hewitson UIDIP (Int.), Pr. Tech (Eng) ASAIMENA and commutes between the Cape Town and Windhoek offices as and when required.